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2021 America's Cup

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...Whatís going on with team UK?

Boats look very similar in all disciplines.


Looked like all 4 races have been won at the start.

Come on Team UK Ineos!
As you say, the performance of the boats is very similar but I cannot help feeling that Rita appears to be just a tad slower and not to point up quite as well. At times their VMG matched Luna Rossa but rarely has it been greater. Let's hope that there is something in the rig, sail choice, tuning or handling that can be tweeked before the defecit is too great.
If you sail all the beats in dirty air you will obviously have worse stats upwind.

If we could win a start I suspect the situation would reverse.

We have done a poor job of starting and there are no significant weather features to exploit when the boats are so even.

Iím wondering whatís in the NoR about the series given the Auckland lockdown. 4 could already be a winning score line if the programme loses races.
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