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Repost - Omega X33 battery change pictorial

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Quote Originally Posted by Chris_in_the_UK View Post
Found these when I was looking for some other pic's - thought it might be worth a repost since is was a while ago

Cost? - The price of a battery (3).

For those brave enough to change the battery on their X33 - it's really simple :)

Here we have our X33 which is in need of a battery change.:mad:

The case back has a number of small screws around the outside edge which need removing to gain access.

The necessary tools for the job.

Screws and case back are now removed - the cover you see know just lifts off.

Here it is lifted off to reveal the battery we need to change.

Here is the new battery in place.

Finally the cover and case back on - screws tightened up :D

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