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MartynJC (UK)

  1. Small guy died on Thurs - buried him today.

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    Our sweet cat was hit and killed by a speeding car up our residential street on Thursday - I feel like putting up a big sign on the road saying - "Thanks, you killed out cat - next time it could be a child" - It's the only road around here without speed bumps - I guess the council is waiting until someone dies before they do something - anyway they should put up a speed camera - they'd make a load of money.

    So I buried the little guy this morning. He was so sweet and he
  2. REVIEW: Zenith Defy 21 95.9000.9004/78.R582

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post


    1/100th of a second Chronograph movement
    Exclusive dynamic signature of one rotation per second
    1 escapement for the Watch (36,000 Vph - 5Hz): 1 escapement for the Chronograph (360,000 Vph - 50Hz)

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  3. Defy 21 >>>

  4. Speedmaster bracelet issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.d View Post
    If you have the current bracelet (which uses screws to join the links, rather than pins and collars) then you can order these parts to fit a micro-adjustable clasp:

    End links 118ST1589 x 2
    Clasp 117STZ001154

    I bought these from the Omega Boutique on Regent St and I love them, they made a huge difference to the comfort of the bracelet fit for me.

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  5. Repost - Omega X33 battery change pictorial

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_in_the_UK View Post
    Found these when I was looking for some other pic's - thought it might be worth a repost since is was a while ago

    Cost? - The price of a battery (£3).

    For those brave enough to change the battery on their X33 - it's really simple :)

    Here we have our X33 which is in need of a battery change.:mad:

    The case back has a number of small screws around the outside
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