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B-1 Battery change and set up

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The B1/Airwolf is a very easy watch to change the battery on due to the large size of the battery and lack of any complicated securing mechanism on the battery. But if you're going to do it yourself be 100% sure of your abilities because a new module is nearly 800.

What you will need (I also use a case holder for this type of work):

Caseback opener needs to be the right size for the B1, that is a B037 opener for the airwolf, 37mm, from ebay for 5. Don't try to use a Jaxa or similar. A rubber ball or ball of sticky tape might work but didn't on that watch. Don't handle the battery with your hands. Use tweezers or finger cots. Before removing the sound chamber back blow it out with compressed air as it will be full of dirt and dust underneath. Also, you need to put the module in to battery change mode: rotate the crown until both displays are off, pull out the crown, the top display with show 'R'. Now press and hold the A button for a few seconds, the top display will now show BATT and the hands will stop moving, then both displays will go blank. This will give you about 15s between removing the old battery and inserting the new one during which time all settings will be preserved. It's not vital, and if you take too long, or your battery has completely died it just means you need to set the watch up again (date etc). After removing the sound chamber thoroughly clean the rear plate before lifting it off:

As you can see, the battery has no retaining clamps, it is just held in by spring pressure on the side. Carefully hook out the o-ring and apply a tiny amount of silicone grease to it before replacing it. Then carefully prise the battery out using a jeweller's screwdriver:

All the while you do this you must keep the watch face down. See that tiny gold thing under the battery? That's a spring and if you lose that you are fcked. Now just pop the battery in, put the case back on, press in the crown and it should all be fine inc all your previous settings and even the time.

This module has a test mode that you will see if you don't change the battery fast enough, or have a completely dead battery. Once power is restored hold the crown in for several seconds. The top display will show 21HC and the bottom will show 00. When you press the crown the module will cycle through the 20,30,40,50,60 test modes.

20 is display test. The whole display lights up segments, a does nothing, b cycles through 3 test patterns

30 tests the second hand motor, press b to advance to modes 31 and 32:

30 stopped seconds, a one step of the second hand
31 one turn, a one turn of the second hand
32 constant turns of the seconds hand,

40 tests the hour and minute hand motors:

40 a one minute
41 a 1 min forward
42 a 1 hour fwd
43 a 1 hr back
44 constant hand motion hr, min fwd
45 constant back

50 seconds fast, min stepping
51 secs only

60 whole display lights up, a-b no effect, crown goes to reset normal time mode

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