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MartynJC (UK)

Small guy died on Thurs - buried him today.

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Our sweet cat was hit and killed by a speeding car up our residential street on Thursday - I feel like putting up a big sign on the road saying - "Thanks, you killed out cat - next time it could be a child" - It's the only road around here without speed bumps - I guess the council is waiting until someone dies before they do something - anyway they should put up a speed camera - they'd make a load of money.

So I buried the little guy this morning. He was so sweet and he used to follow around like a dog, but also tore up the side of trees and around the garden like a mad firball. Also loved to be tickled on his tummy and around the ears. So - no more summers or winters for him - he only saw one of each in his very short life - sadly he was only 1 years old on Wednesday. He'll be missed.

R.I.P Pepe

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