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  1. New Incoming: Wait, what, the back is on the front....? GO content

    Well its always a good time when a new addition arrives but for some reason i've been more excited, and more impressed with this latest one than all the others i've had. A new addition which i'm sure is going to divide opinion, some will love it, some will hate it, and that's totally fine with me. Why, well quite simply its a bit different. Marmite even, but you know what, its certainly a conversational piece. Ladies and gentlemen i present you with the Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL. This is ...
  2. My SOTC

    Quote Originally Posted by Possu View Post
    Hi all,

    Reading the "One watch only is unrealistic. How about three or four?" thread I figured it was time for my SOTC post.

    I don't like to call this a collection, as I don't feel like I'm collecting watches. I just have a few watches for different occasions. I was pretty happy with three watches for more than a year, but my recent acquisition of the IWC Aquatimer brought me back to four watches. My finances and my family situation have kept me off watches and
  3. Reduced - King Seiko Superior Chronometer 4502-8010

    Small bump.

    This is an excellent piece in a brilliant condition.

    As always money back if you are unhappy with it or if it is not as described.

    Cheers all

  4. Wow watches

    That Sir is pure porn, please remove it before I drool further on my key_-b[r====D
    Quote Originally Posted by DB9yeti View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooty View Post
    All posts in this thread without pics should be deleted on principle. Including this one :)
    Good point. Here's the offending article which I keep out of my sight...


    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    Still available for sale
    Saturday afternoon bump
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