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  1. Article: Man Steals Pigs on Motorcycle

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  2. Is less more? Happiness for 50 :)

  3. Buying advice.

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    I haven't used them myself but they were a favourite with guys I worked with at numerous BFPO addresses and nobody ever had any problems.
  4. Trusted Range Rover dealer

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    Light a fire. Then throw in a stash of 20 notes. Repeat.

    You'll probably get more satisfaction from it, and unless you've got a very large stash to burn it will also be cheaper.
    10 to 12 year old is a little old for a specialist dealer. I bought my Disconfrom a firm near Gatwick called 'The Paddock' he had loads of RR but all arounfldnthe 3-5 year old mark.
  5. 70's and 80's Sweets

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    At our school the currency was coconut rings and toffeepops

    Mars bars - the gold standard.
    Surprised nobody has mentioned gobstoppers, the big variety about 1" diameter that changed colour as you worked your way through the layers, they had a tiny black 'pip' in the centre.
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