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  1. The Draft Thread


    I keep meaning to look on there to see who found their grail today. It doesn't look like a quick moving sub forum![/QUOTE]

    genuine lol, not just me then. I still haven't got round to it though, maybe tomorrow
  2. MontBlanc wallet

    Quote Originally Posted by pitbull666 View Post
    Still available
    What are the dimensions?
  3. FS: Tag Heuer Aquaracer day date WAF2010

    Quote Originally Posted by oblivion View Post
    Still here
    You know what I have an Aqua racer Chrono as my holiday watch and the build quality is superb in particular the bracelet these are a very underrated watch

  4. Good news for rum drinkers!

    mmmm... Rum! I'll have to have a bit tonight.
    I have a couple nice ones.
  5. New Incoming: Max, Bill, Bob, John...

    I've been a keen admirer of these for quite some time now and I finally got round to adding one to my collection. The Max Bill Chronoscope by Junghans is a somewhat different watch, its designer a Bauhaus student, its clear to see where its inspiration comes from. This one comes with a 40mm white dial which is clinically clean, and incredible eligible. It wears quite a bit bigger than its size suggests due to the almost non-existent bezel. The case shape is slightly strange, UFO like in fact due ...
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