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  1. Head of state at the turn of the 20th century

    Quote Originally Posted by Franky Four Fingers View Post
    Was the question put to the actress Hayley Tamaddon this evening.

    now let me think, was it George the 6th or Edward the 8th?

    No, no, I know who it is it's fucking Margaret Thatcher.

    I fucking kid you not, Margaret bastard Thatcher!!!

    I would suggest she thought 'turn of the 20th century' meant the year 2000.
    Also probably 'Head of state' is the same as the prime minister.
    The vast majority of people have ...
  2. If you had to choose only one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Tetley View Post
    If you had to choose just one watch up to £2500 for all occasions what would it be?

    The £2500 can be new or pre-owned.

    Just one!

    Omega seamaster planet ocean ceramic 45mm on bracelet. Could always swap out the bracelet for leather if a "dress" watch is required.

    The end.
  3. New Incoming: Rolex Caseback Engraving

    Ok so not an incoming in the true sense of the word but a new enhancement to my collection nonetheless. Now I know there are mixed views on this kind of stuff with the majority of people not in favour of any kind of watch modification and thatís totally fine by me but this is something I've had in my mind to do for some time and since this particular watch is simply never leaving my collection (well I hope not anyways!) it doesn't really matter. Secondly this kind of mod is pretty easy to reverse ...
  4. Incoming: Vintage chronos (RAF Lemania and Jardur)

    Quote Originally Posted by drdvice View Post
    Very nice trio, did you get them off the Bay or a more reliable source?
    thanks for the comments.

    got them from a more reliable source ;)
  5. New Incoming: The names Bond, James Bond...

    Seems buying watches are like waiting for buses, you spend ages waiting for one then two come along together. Having just made space in the watch box for an AP Jumbo, this has now arrived and so the fun continues. So what is it? Well it's a blue dialled Omega Aqua Terra, commonly referred to as the 'Skyfall' AT on account of it featuring in the Bond film of the same name (although the keen eyed amongst you will know that Daniel Craig wore the smaller 38.5mm version). The model reference ...
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