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  1. Any gardeners in the room ?

    Quote Originally Posted by steviefleming View Post
    Hi ,

    Anyone help identify the plant for me ?.........I was at a BBQ at the weekend and liked it for possibly putting the same into my garden.

    Bloody owner didn't know what it was !

    Globe artichoke methinks..
  2. Older Krups Nespresso machine + Nespresso capsules and cups.

    Quote Originally Posted by keitht View Post
    Already spent out on Lego!!

    So an overcast Sunday evening bump and reduction to 80 ( not inc P&P )

    Keith, do you ever get close to Stratford on Avon or Oxford? If yes, I'll take it.
  3. Obsoletewatchparts

    Quote Originally Posted by agee View Post
    Have you tried John Senior?
    Obsolete Watch Parts
    Good Luck-I have 2 Cyma WWW-nice everyday watch-all steel large + impressive on the wrist

    Thanks!! Im not sure if thats the one I have already tried?
    Ill email anyway!!👍🏻
  4. B-1 Battery change and set up

    Quote Originally Posted by marcus fenix View Post
    The B1/Airwolf is a very easy watch to change the battery on due to the large size of the battery and lack of any complicated securing mechanism on the battery. But if you're going to do it yourself be 100% sure of your abilities because a new module is nearly 800.

    What you will need (I also use a case holder for this type of work):

    Caseback opener needs to be the right size for the B1, that
  5. In ear headphones

    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke View Post
    Another vote for the SoundMagic E10 - really clear, lively and detailed sound - I've got more expensive earphones that are just gathering dust since i got the SoundMagic's about 18 months ago, they really are that good.

    My vote as well
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