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Thread: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

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    Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    Has anyone else checked the accuracy of the PRS-3LE? Mine is 10+ sec on the back which I'm pretty happy with. How about the others out there?

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    Mine's about +8-10 when worn, although that's good enough that I haven't bothered checking it in more detail.
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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    +6 to 8 sec per day. :D

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    About +12 sec/day for the first four days. I've not worn it in a week. Too many others to enjoy.

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    All of these are really good ...

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    The ETA 2824-2 has a micro-adjust screw and so is easy to fine tune. 10 sec/day is fine, but all of mine are in the <1-5 range (the most accurate is my PRS17A, running at around +20/month).

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    #16 in black is running about 15 seconds a day fast.

    My old O&W Cougar was running +6.5 seconds a day consistently and for the least expensive swiss watch I owned that was so accurate.

    The Precista PRS-3 is running good out of the box but I suspect that it will settle down to around 6-8 seconds a day once it is broken in so to speak.

    The worst accuracy I ever had with an ETA was with Marathon Sar's. I had 4 of them over the years and the best one I had was about 35 seconds a day fast.

    I am happy with the accuracy thus far of the Precista.

    As long as I know it is an ETA and not a Chinese clone. Seems most of the grey market ETA's are fake. Most of the small watchmakers are getting their ETA's through the grey market. So some ETA watches probably are not really ETA based watches.

    This is just what I have heard but I think there is some truth to it. One of the reasons to know who you are buying from. One of the reasons I like my PRS-3 is I know I can trust Eddie and he has been doing this long enough to have good sources.

    I think the chances of the Chinese made Boutique watches that claim to have an ETA 2824-2 might have something else.

    Who knows.


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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    I've been wearing mine every day since 8 Oct, storing it dial up at night, and it is currently 64 seconds fast (I haven't bothered to reset it). I couldn't be happier.

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    My orange was running +5 seconds a day out of the box. It is now about +3 per day keeping it crown up overnight. Very impressive :D

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    Re: Accuracy of PRS-3LE

    Mine is running +7-10 seconds a day, very pleased :)

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