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Thread: Inside a Seagull 1901

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    Quote Originally Posted by robt View Post
    And straight into the blocklist you go. Aside from being completely off-topic and spoiling a "classic thread" no less, a gore warning might have been nice.
    My apologies! I used to spend a lot of time in a mortuary, so my attempt at humour fell on stony ground! No offence intended. (I also live near the sea, so seagulls are not in my good books as they keep trying to buy my stuff, leaving a deposit! Here I go again!)

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    I un-cased this model of movement to swap the dial. Only the crown was removed, and I think it was in the correct position before doing so. Once the movement was out I noticed that it no longer runs and that the mainspring appears fully wound.
    Could someone advise how to release the main spring, and suggest why the movement has stopped?

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