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Thread: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

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    Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    Had a daytrip to London yesterday. Went to the Imperial War Museum to see the Ian Fleming exhibition (and yes, there is his Rolex Explorer 1 on display) and then on to the Clockmaker's Company Museum at the Guildhall.
    I would recommend this as well worth a visit; it is only a single room and you can be round it in 15 - 20 minutes, but it traces the history of English clock and watchmaking - right up to today (George Daniels). Some beautiful long-case clocks, pocket and wrist watches and oddities, including the Arnold silver chronometer owned by John Belville and then his daughter Ruth who, in the mid 19th century used it to literally sell the time. Each week the watch was certified by the Greenwich Observatory as being correct within 1/10 of a second; the owner would then use it to 'sell' the correct time to the watchmakers and sellers of London.
    Also on display is the Smiths Deluxe worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on the ascent of Everest in 1953, and presented to the museum by Sir Edmund.

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    Sounds like a great place to visit, and so interesting. The Smiths watch is so evocative, having been worn by Hillary on the famous climb. It's so sad that there was so much controversy surrounding the ascent. Also sad of course that Smiths never became as successful as Rolex.
    Thanks for sharing your visit.

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    Been to the IWM on many occasions, but didn't know about the Clockmaker's Company Museum. Will have to add that to my list of places to visit next time I'm in town. :)
    Best Regards - Peter

    I hate being bipolar, its brilliant.

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    Love history and museums, don't get much chance to visit them though.

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    and here is the Smith's advert to go with the watch :) :

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    I am confused! I always thought that Hillary wore a Rolex Explorer to the top of Everest.

    Now it transpires he wore a Smiths

    Blimey, what's going on?

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    Tenzing wore the Rolex - both Smiths and Rolex sponsored the climb - in essence both climbers agreed never to say which individual was first to step on to the summit.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    Re: Sir Edmund Hillary's Smiths Deluxe.

    The museum's definitely worth a visit. Apart from those marvellous pieces already mentioned, they have Harrison's H5 and a couple of his longcase clock movements, and several important marine chronometers. Also some fine pieces by Breguet and a few oddities such as the timing mechanism from a nuclear bomb.
    You could do it in less time, but I'd allow an hour.


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