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Thread: Virgin Money Pensions - Worth it for Airmiles?

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    Virgin Money Pensions - Worth it for Airmiles?

    I see that Virgin money has launched an airmiles incentive. Transfer a balance (or two) and keep it there until Jan'25 and you'll be rewarded as per below. I currently have funds with Vanguard, and my work (defined contribution) pays into Legal & General.

    Does anyone have any experience with them? Good/bad/indifferent? I'm thinking I'll transfer the top whack, and move back to Vanguard once the reward is issued.

    1,000 to 9,999 rewards 10,000 points,
    10,000 to 24,999 rewards 20,000
    25,000 to 49,999 rewards 45,000
    50,000 to 99,999 rewards 100,000
    100,000+ rewards 125,00

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    Virgin Money Pensions - Worth it for Airmiles?

    Valuing at a maximum of 1p/Adios, but using a conservative 0.8p, is the 1,000 worth it?

    Only you can answer that, and whether you can extract more value, e.g in combination with an Amex two-for, for example.

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    Presume as it’s Virgin a money you are talking Virgin Points not Avios??
    I personally wouldn’t be basing my pension investments on airline points.
    I use Virgin points every year but generally in conjunction with a free companion seat.
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    I've had a look and it's basically a product for the 'layman' and not for someone who wants to choose their funds.

    If there was a chance to put the funds into an index tracker I'd have done that and moved 125k from my HL pension (Virgin has cheaper fees) but that isn't an option and then if you select one of the Virgin portfolio approaches there's a 0.4% charge on top of their annual 0.3% fee so you'd be out of pocket vs keeping it in HL or Vanguard and buying the flights yourself

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