Not a new topic really, but thought I would share some recent experience. I got a new Glycine back in March with a Selita SW200-1 movement. Once it had been worn a few weeks, it was running at about +6spd. So I opened it up and regulated it (took maybe 3 attempts) down to +1.5spd.. not too shabby for a first go. However, a while later it went to about +9spd. Hmm. So using a free Android app showed me that it was slightly magnetised (see pic). I bought one of those cheap blue demagnetiser gadgets and gave it two cycles.. loads of videos showing to hold watch near it and then move up. However one video explained to just hold near and move randomly around, upside down, twisted, etc.. to randomise the neutrons polarity. Bingo, worked first time and now it's back to 1-2spd. Footnote: 'Time is' website very useful since Android clocks are not very accurate (see pic).

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