Down the side of our Bungalow it is a bit of a sun trap and this year I decided to take advantage and play with some vegetables/fruit just for fun.

First of all I fixed four planters in place too a garden trolley I bought so that if needed I could move the "garden" about and set some spuds, strawberries and tomatoes, once they started to grow I added a couple of planters too the gates with tomatoes in and had to build up the side of the planters with the spuds in which I had too do a couple of times too build the soil up as they kept growing really well, they are all flowering now and there looks to be lots of strawberries.

Hopefully it wont be all top growth and there will be a good harvest in due time.

Whatever happens it has been enjoyable and I have grander plans for next year with the help of what I've learned this year.