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Thread: Techno Classica Car Show Essen, Germany

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    Techno Classica Car Show Essen, Germany

    Last week and friend and I visited the Techno Classica car show in Essen, Germany. I live 130 km west from Essen and despite that distance, it was the first time I visited the venue.

    I cannot think of anything that wasn't positive that day. Entrance fees were reasonable (25 euros per person), parking 10 euros. Coffee and lunch were very reasonably priced as well. And of course, it's Germany so there was enough draught beer for everybody.

    A 'guesstimation': 90% of all cars on display were German-built cars. At one point I thought: "How on earth are there still Porsches on the roads! They're all here, inside!" German restorations are high quality and that showed. There was a hall filled with all the German Classic Mercedes Clubs, endorsed by MB themselves. There was on classic Gullwing on display... I don't think that I've seen a restoration that beautiful!

    A word of advice / tips when you plan a trip: Essen's Gruga Halle is very easy to reach and the parkings are large and well signposted (is that correct English?) All within walking distance from the dozen entrance halls. Friday proved to be a good day: it was busy but not too busy. An example: no queues at the barista stands etc. Online tickets are useful, but there was no line in front of the ticket booths. There's a traffic circulation plan in Essen: when you leave you don't mix up with other traffic going through town. Very clever of these Germans.

    You need a sticker on the front windshield of your car. The venue is inside a Low Emission Zone. I'd forgotten to buy a sticker online. Just over the German border, I went into the town of Rees and bought a sticker at DEKRA car test station. Guess what? The online sticker is priced at 17.50 euros. At the DEKRA station I paid... 7 euros. Including the service of a guy who installed it for me. Germany is a 'cash payment country'. They don't like to use cards. Take cash euros with you.

    Fuel is extremely expensive here in the Netherlands and about 43 ct per liter cheaper in Germany. So I refueled in Essen, on my way home.

    Will I return next year? Perhaps. It was a nice day out. I'm very positive about it. But it's not on the 'once again' list.
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