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Thread: Leather Sofa Conditioning

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    Leather Sofa Conditioning

    What do folks do about conditioning their leather sofas, if anything? Any recommended products that will moisturise the leather as they are getting a little dry, but must be compatible with sofas and people sitting on them.

    The first sofa is semi aniline, I think.

    The next one is completely natural unprotected leather. I donít know if I have to be more careful with this sofa?

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    gold label saddle soap from amazon

    put into a spray bottle and go to town on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by pugster View Post
    gold label saddle soap from amazon
    Is that more of a leather cleaner, or will it do the moisturising as well?

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    We inherited some clean looking, expensive but dried out Italian leather covered dining chairs. We thought about getting them recovered but decided to try a quick spray with this stuff

    The leather came up like new!

    We've had various leather sofas over the years but never bothered with conditioners. That said, MrsA does like to change them quite frequently so they never really get old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noTAGlove View Post
    Is that more of a leather cleaner, or will it do the moisturising as well?
    it does both (glycerine is the conditioner in it)

    the only downside with all leather cleaning and conditioning products i know of is that they are going to darken leathers of that colour , someone might come along with a different solution that prevents this but ive not seen any that will provide conditioning ( adding liquid to something that dry is goin to darken it somewhat - the only way to find out how much is to test a piece underneath adn leave it for a few days to dry out so you can see the difference)

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    Iíve used this on a leather chair and also a sofa that looked very similar to your second photo:

    It was very worn, faded and starting to crack. It came up beautifully and doesnít leave a residue or stain.

    Excellent for natural leather but not for ĎNubuckí type leather finishes.

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    That saddle soap is great on a bike saddle but I wouldn't put it anywhere near an aniline sofa.

    Bit of distilled water all you need, won't be cracking or drying out

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