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Thread: Watch cases from ?

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    Watch cases from ?

    Hi guys

    I want to have a go at making my own dials and hand sets for a watch/s but not sure where to get decent ones.
    Here are some I made from .3mm brass.

    Ebay and Amazon are the obvious ones to head for but does anyone know of a supplier of quality cases ?
    Ive looked at Alibaba but they all seem to want me to buy 100 or more !

    Thank you


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    The dials look excellent

    What size are they? or what size dial opening are you looking for?

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    Sorry should have been more specific. Dial of around 35mm to fit a 42-ish case but anything really, just to have a play around

    Trying to steer clear of branded designs, so more generic military style case. And with solid case backs, the majority seem to have display backs.

    Links look good, Ive seen loads on ebay etc. Trouble is taking a punt on the quality.

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    You've done a great job with the dials and hands there, really professional looking.

    Be interested to see them cased up.

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    I've used the swiss ones in post #3 and found them and their goods to be excellent quality. My everyday 7750 valjoux is in one of their surgical steel cases with a display back and has one of their matched (heavy) bracelets. It's been worn regularly, during lots of mechanical and building repairs and still looks amazing (ie very hard wearing - not a mark on the crystals!). They are also good at answering any queries you may have.

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    Cheers folks. I will get to this at some stage. I expect most of the Asian made stuff is pretty good these days, I just want to stay away from 'Rolex' shapes and casebacks but finding a solid caseback on a case I like is difficult. Lol

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    The dials look great.

    You could check out AliExpress, I remember seeing some cases on there a while back

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    I bought a couple via ebay, they took an age to come !
    Ive been doing a few experiments with dials. Will try hands next and see how I can get those fitting and looking halfways decent.

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    Here is the same design dial during build.

    Its made from three parts. The middle part has some extra holes in it into which I place a tiny blob of solder. I sandwich them together and sweat them till the solder melts, holding the three parts together.
    I have no idea how I will attach feet to the dial yet !! I recon I will make extra holes in the bottom section and solder tiny feet on that way.

    Its an enjoyable process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasgasbones View Post

    That is a spectacular dial!

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    6B in morse code on that dial??? They look great

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