Ok so in the true TZ tradition of not being able to make up my mind on my own…
I have had my flightmaster for a number of years, it’s a keeper but…

I can’t find a strap I am happy with.
I have been wearing it on a nice battered grey buffalo leather rally strap but it’s not quite right, I don’t really do leather straps, I don’t like them if I am honest.

I also have a brushed strapcode mesh which is a very nice bracelet but it’s too bling, I like them in photos but not on my wrist. The lack of taper over powers an already very large distinctive watch.

I do have the original omega bracelet but it’s very stretched and needs a bit of TLC.

So what would you wear this watch on?

I am thinking about getting the OEM sorted or finding an NOS / Service strap but in the mean time what are the gangs suggestions?

(Garden crocs full of snail sh1t coming to an SC near you soon)