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Thread: Charity walk 10th June 2023

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    Charity walk 10th June 2023

    Good evening gentlemen and ladies! :)

    I will be walking 36 miles this Saturday with a group of work Colleagues in aid of Little lifts, a fantastic charity that provides amazing care packs for woman (and men) with breast Cancer.

    If you wouldn’t mind sponsoring me/supporting the charity, it would be greatly appreciated by myself, little lifts and the many breast cancer patients nationwide. Many thanks in advance, and as Tesco’s says: “Every little helps.” ;)

    I will of course share my live track so that you can follow my progress of the walk.

    Hopefully the link to donate below will work.

    Pease do leave the note : “Supporting Karl and team Sinclair” in the comments box if you decide to donate.

    A couple of members have struggled to donate as they don’t have either a Facebook or Twitter account. so if you are in the same situation and wish to donate, please PM me and I can take a BT payment and send over the funds on your behalf and screenshot the donation (with your name included) in the comments box.

    Many many MANY thanks in advance. :)
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    Good luck today mate! Take Baz Luhrmann’s advice, wear sunscreen!

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