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Thread: Bracelet end links

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    Bracelet end links

    Does anyone have any idea cost of 468B end links for ladies 62523 D . 18 Rolex bi metal bracelet?
    The year code is K4.
    I'm assuming these would probably only be available from St.James's


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    Not sure about the latest price, but yes, you are most likely to source them only through Rolex or a main agent.

    Beware : they came both without and (later) with cut-outs for the different types of spring-bars, to correspond with the change from watch heads with pierced lugs to those with solid lugs. Fit the wrong type of end-link at your peril, as it's the devil's own job to remove a bracelet with no cut-outs from a watch with solid lugs.


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    Many thx Haywood,
    your sage advice is well noted and I very much appreciate your input.

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