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Thread: Baltic Aquascaphe GMT - anyone got one?

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    Baltic Aquascaphe GMT - anyone got one?

    Further to my GMT Pepsi thread - I came across the Baltic GMT; looks good, just wondered if anyone had one and could comment on quality etc?

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    I had the Green/Blue version for about 18 months and loved it. The build quality was really good for a Microbrand and they regulate the Soprod movement, with mine having run at +5 secs per day. It is worth pointing out that it is an office rather than true GMT, if that matters to you. I have a Rolex 16710 and whilst it wasn't at that level of quality, it punched above it's weight. I sold it on e-bay a month ago, as I was downsizing my collection, it wasn't getting worn much over the past 6 months and I have 16710. Hope this helps........

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    Thanks for the review; quality sounds promising. The true GMT bit has never bothered me. The only thing Iím not sure about is the domed crystal - I appreciate thatís part of the vintage vibe but it doesnít really do much for me.

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