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Thread: Lego trivia.

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    Lego trivia.

    Last week I popped into a charity shop just outside the Royal Free hospital and there was a bag of Lego in the corner, always happy to buy it as my lad is still very much into it, it was quite old judging by the colours and all quite basic, whilst rumagging my lad found a few bricks that were different, it turns out these were very old indeed, according to some research, these hollow bricks are pre 1957! ( Edit- 1954 - 1955 seems to be the year ) are are made from cellulose acetate and not the ABS plastic that came in in the early '60s.
    Im not clear what the vertical gaps are for, they seem to be random, some have two slots, some just one.
    Anyway, I thought it was interesting enough to share.
    yes, I know how grubby the white ones are.

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