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Thread: Searatís SOTC

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    Searatís SOTC

    Been a while since I put all the ones still in use in the same box (a Lidlís teabag box..) but needed to move them today - left out some elderly unworn quartzes in need of batteries.
    Hereís the current SOTC - the three in the left row are my daughterís - then all quartz except one spring drive, so a hybrid ;)
    Left out my Alpinist, my only mechanical watch, currently on my wrist to get some life into it.
    All spookily accurate except the Braun. Quite a few are solar so the box has a transparent lid to keep them charged.

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    Nice, especially the UX and spring drive tuna.

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    Steve's always had excellent taste in watches, by which I mean we have similar tastes

    Over my time here, I can't think of seeing him wearing something I wouldn't like and that's the case with his current STOC. Personally the only thing I'd change is swap that 5610 for a 5000U but I'm being picky.

    Great collection!

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    Your best quartz is not there, I have it.
    Omega 2264 I bought from you many moons ago.

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    You've got some nice things there, I especially like the Sinn and Tunas. My god though, the arrangement of that box makes me want to cry.

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    Nice collection, I do nott remember seeing an Elliott Brown with a 12 bezel before, is it a standard model?

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