I hope to gain some insight on how to successfully make a purchase on the online store on Sunday mornings. It seems that every time I attempt to make a purchase on the online store for a long desired Smiths timepiece I miss out and all are sold. There is a very special watch that will be offered in 2023 that I need for a fact to know how to fast bid on it.
I usually am in the body of the e-mail that was sent to me on the upcoming sale of the watch, usually as always it is on a blessed Sunday. I then use my cell phone as a count down timer as far as when the store opens this is due to the computer time being off, and once it opens I think I hit the tab "buy it" or something like that. It the site then takes me to options such as dial color then I fill in my name and some billing info. This time I opted to have the store save my info for shipping. I do the best I can but miss out every time by reading the header "Sold Out". So here it is guys, what am I doing wrong where I am missing out on the bidding. Thank you ahead of time for your advice.