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Thread: Date dial to non date

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    Date dial to non date

    Not sure if possible, but Iíve seen an older Tag Heuer Aquaracer I like. WAN2110, however it has a rather dated white disc 3pm date.

    If possible to buy the dial (Iíve seen them available) could these be modded to fit and blank the date off (effectively mirroring the 9pm) and making it a symmetrical non date dial?

    Any tips of possible on who could do it?


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    I am presuming it has an ETA base caliber? if so you could find a colour matched date wheel for it, or find a dial that fits the movement, maybe even an original TAG dial.
    Blanking off the date wheel might be an issue as there might not be clearance between dial and the date wheel, the lume pip would look odd as well. It would also look pretty crap IMO

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