I have owned so many Seiko Divers' but have never owned a Spring Drive.

I would like to try one this year. I'm considering the LX or even a gently used and expensive (for me) SLGA001.

For much less than that I could get an SBDB001/011 and scratch the Spring Drive itch. I'm a bit worried about the size and I have no way to try one on. I wear my Tunas (incl. the Emperor) no problem, but a tall lug to lug is a bit of an issue on my 6.75 inch wrist.

As an example, I used to wear and adore the OS/Orient 300m,but I do consider it as too large and more so too heavy today.

I have had a few SBDX001 MM300, and I can easily handle that large watch. How larger does the MM600 SBDB001/011 wear please? Any experience from anyone who had both?

Thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts! :)