Morning all. Iíd love a Rolex Explorer II one day, when the kids are grown up perhaps! Currently am putting money aside for a BB Pro, while waiting for them to become a bit more readily available.

Weíre off doing some traveling round the US in the summer and I quite fancy a rugged GMT to take as a traveling watch, was thinking of getting a Steinhart 39mm vintage GMT which is essentially a direct homage of the original Exp II (Iím terrible with references). Any owners out there that can give a little feedback? Theyíre about 600 quid which is upper end for Steinhart, and the 39 is only available via Gnomon who Iíve never used (pictured below so you know what watch I mean)

Thereís also an Olko version (below) that has crisp white, instead of faux patina, indices

These are harder to come by but thereís a couple on eBay at the moment. Canít decide which I prefer!

So I guess the question would be are these a decent short term alternative to a BB Pro and are they worth it? Iíve had a couple of Steinharts a while back and they were decent quality, although I did have an issue with the movement in one of them.


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