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Thread: WW1 Borgel trench watch used in the war.

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    WW1 Borgel trench watch used in the war.

    I just added this to the collection a Borgel cased trench watch with a 1914 silver date mark. That was owned by Frederick Cooper who was in a motorboat squadron. There is a group photo with him wearing the watch. He used it all through the war. Came with a lot of stuff about his service bought it for the watch but the other stuff a plus. Out of all my military watches never had one where I could put a face and a name to the watch with real cool history.

    The X is Mr. Cooper. With this watch on his wrist.

    Info on Mr. Cooper

    Came with his pocket diary.

    Found these two things on the net how it would of been for Mr. Cooper at Gallipoli.

    The original strap to the watch.
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