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Thread: Best/easiest way to sell my Rado Integral

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    Best/easiest way to sell my Rado Integral

    I have this Rado Integral (Quartz). I’ve never worn it - it’s never even been sized. I don’t have the box and probably don’t have the papers. It’s still got the blue sticker on the caseback, but that’s peeling. It was a gift which is just not to my tastes and is a bit small for my wrist - I’d like to sell it to buy something I will actually wear, but I’m not sure where to sell it. I assume taking it to a dealer not having the box and papers is going to be a major issue?

    I thought about SC here (eventually, when I have access) or eBay, but am not sure how to price it. I’ve looked on C24 previously and didn’t think the prices were realistic.

    Grateful for any thoughts.

    On a side note, it needs a new battery. Do I need to care if the sticker comes off during that?

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    Grand Master Dave+63's Avatar
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    Get a new battery fitted then list it on eBay.

    Itís probably worth £200-£300

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    Cool looking watch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave+63 View Post
    Get a new battery fitted then list it on eBay.

    Itís probably worth £200-£300

    Thanks, thatís helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryb View Post
    or eBay, but am not sure how to price it.
    Why not sell it as an auction on eBay - it'll find its own level.

    I would get the battery replaced before selling it, as otherwise you'll need to list it as "not working", which will significantly affect its value.

    Also, in the absence of box and papers, you may struggle to prove authenticity, as there are an awful lot of fake Rados out there.

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    When you say youíve never worn it are you not wearing it in the photo?

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    I put it on to take a photo, yes.

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    Definitely get a new battery so that you can sell it as a working watch.

    Sell it on eBay as an auction and set a start price you wouldn't be unhappy with if it only attracted one bid. Also worthwhile waiting for the eBay £1 FVF or 80% off fees offer that seem to run nearly every other weekend.

    I think with no boxes or papers, you'll struggle to sell this for much more than a couple of hundred.

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    Get the battery sorted before selling! If it's been left for some time with an exhausted battery there's a chance that the battery's leaked, as a buyer I`d factor that into my thinking and bid low. Best get it sorted and running.

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