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Thread: Cotton braided tropical NATO

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    Cotton braided tropical NATO

    Does it exist, a braided cotton NATO style strap, ie where the pin passes between braids to adjust the length?

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    Are you describing a Perlon strap?

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    I am asking if there is a cotton strap in the same style as perlons are made from nylon.

    I have a time factors braided strap which is nice but fancy one in cotton instead.

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    Grand Master abraxas's Avatar
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    How about canvas webbing....?
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    I have almost bought from these a couple of times but the paucity of 18mm has put me off. Seems to fit the bill.

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    Not sure if this helps but these guys offer a cotton hemp fabric in a nato style:

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    Quote Originally Posted by abraxas View Post
    How about canvas webbing....?
    I am interested in these and similar canvas straps as a next best option if I cannot find what I am looking for, which is braided cotton, loose enough to pass the buckle pin through the strap itself, without requiring holes to be cut and stitched.

    Something like this

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