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Thread: Sponsor a child - any recommendations ?

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    Sponsor a child - any recommendations ?


    I'm becoming increasingly interested in sponsoring a child via a regular monthly donation.

    Any recommendations or organisations to avoid ? I don't really want to be paying the chief execs salary....

    Best Neil

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    My wife and I sponsor 5 children through Compassion, and we have done for over 20 years. It's very rewarding, including the regular 2-way communication and feeling you're playing a small part. Note: Compassion is a Christian-based charity.

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    Shree Mangal Dvip (SMD) School in Kathmandu educates children who come from the northern isolated villages of the Nepal Himalayas where there is very little infrastructure or accessible healthcare. It offers free education, accommodation, medical and dental care to hundreds of mountain children, who often continue in the fields of health and education and return to their villages and help their own people.

    The children are culturally and linguistically Tibetan, and the education is both Buddhist and secular. I meet with the principal regularly via Zoom to share and learn from each other, and can absolutely vouch for the hard work and compassion of the entire team over there. You could do a lot worse.
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    We have sponsored through Actionaid for many years.

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    More a charity that helps kids but barretstown gang camp is a great organisation in Ireland. Arranges for terminally and seriously ill children and their families to come to Ireland for 2 weeks in the countryside and provide some respite.

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