Just interested to hear if anyone has cycled this route and if so, how they found it, any tips etc.

I have thought about doing this ride for a couple of years now, but something always crops up which stops me getting into training and then getting it done. I will need to do a bit of training to get my fitness levels better and get used to cycling again, as I used to be a keen cycle-commuter but have not been on a bike for around 10 years at this point. I like the idea of getting fitter and setting myself a challenge so have decided to pitch at this one - which may be a bit mad as I am not used to cycling up hills as my cycling was mainly around the flatlands of Cambridge and London.

I have a 20 year old MTB, which I plan to resurrect from our barn for the trip. Most of the info I have looked at so far seems to show full suspension MTB's doing the route, so hopefully my plan to use my old 1990's Marin Bear Valley SE (no suspension) is not insane.

Anyone have any info to share?