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Thread: Another "what car?" thread. - LR Freelander 2 experiences?

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    Another "what car?" thread. - LR Freelander 2 experiences?

    We have just had a kid and while we can just fit what we need at the moment in our current hatchback it is not ideal at all. Thinking of getting a new (to me) car. I know it seems a bit mad due to their reputation but I have always fancied a JLR product... my head says get a Honda CRV/Toyota RAV4 but my heart wants a Freelander 2... I have a habit of getting bored with things I buy with my head. Also considering a Volvo estate, would love an XC70 but prices seem very inflated on those. Raised ride height is not a non-negotiable but is actually genuinely useful when driving around Devon country lanes.

    Budget is around 15k, must be automatic. Looking for as late a model as possible.

    What have people's experiences been? While no car is 100% reliable, from a quick bit of research it seems that they don't actually seem to be too bad on the reliability front if looked after.
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