Hi all,

I have a Hermès Captain Nemo that has a failed movement. I was wearing it last summer whilst out walking. I had worked up a bit of a sweat by the time I returned home and when I went to take off the watch, the crystal had fogged up and the watch had stopped.

I tried the old rice trick to no avail, replaced the battery but nothing seemed to resurrect the watch. The only sign of life was the seconds hand would occasionally "twitch" as if it were trying to tick.

I decided to have a crack at a movement swap so I identified the type of movement, purchased a brand new ETA replacement (£25 iirc) and with the help of a video of a watchmaker stripping the same movement, got to work. Unfortunately I realized I was out of my depth when it came to removing the hands. I didn't have a tool for the job and felt that even if I did I would likely bugger it up!

So to get to the nub of it - I need to have the old movement swapped with the new replacement and probably replace the seals. What would I be looking at cost wise to have a professional do the work for me? Are the backlogs as bad as they were during lockdown?