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Thread: Help! - My little boy (18m) broke his leg today :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Doc View Post
    I'll bet your first info of 5+ weeks was a well intentioned guess by a non specialist. Whereas you are now being looked after by a Fracture clinic specialist like me, who does this day in day out and is accurate.
    I see this a hundred times a month. "oh, but the A&E team said I'd need an operation"
    Trust your Ortho surgeon.
    Thank you for all your posts and help Me Doc. It’s been very helpful.

    We absolutely trust the ortho doc, yes. Was just amazed that the bones can heal up so fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
    It would have been the icecream, best give him some more to ensure his bones remain healthy!
    Think so too.

    Glad to hear it went well, best regards to the little man!
    Someone who lies about the little things will lie about the big things too.

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    Missed this first time round, good to hear your lad has healed up well.

    Good help from The Doc, TZ at its best.

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    You all (all you who have at some point) pay UK taxes, I work for you.
    You come to North Cumbria, I treat you!

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