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Thread: Current collection - missing something?

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    Current collection - missing something?

    I try to keep to a handful of watches - of which these are the current crop (excluding g-shocks, some vintage and cheapies).

    In my heart I am a One Watch chap - but also fickle, impulsive and indecisive… so always chopping and changing my tastes.

    I feel I am missing something (probably colour!!) and would like to stick to 3 pieces that cover all my needs (wants… who actually needs any!) and that could all be worn regularly and in many situations.

    For example, I would love a more dressy watch - some classic slim bezel-free piece, but would also want it to be tough and versatile enough to just wear when I fancy. Nothing precious!

    I always need a chrono and a diver.

    I always need a date function on every watch.

    I do not like leather straps.

    39-41mm ideally.

    20mm lugs ideally.

    So what goes?
    What stays?
    What should be in there?

    I could add one (so total 4) or reduce down to 2 or even 1 - but want to keep it as free from adding cash as poss.

    2005 SeaDweller, serviced recently. (Bought 2021)
    2022 IWC Spitfire Chrono. (Bought new.)
    2021 Grand Seiko Hi-Beat diver. (Bought new.)

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    Would you consider a JLC master control 3 hander (the 1548120 was available with bracelet at 39mm I think) or an Omega GlobeMaster ?

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    That is a solid collection and really well rounded.

    The SD and GS have the most overlap and I think the 16600 is one of the best looking watches Rolex ever made so out of those two the GS would go which leaves the IWC safe.

    As for replacements the forum will come up with better, more diveree ideas than me but a domed DateJust 41 is 6,350 on oyster and could tick the right boxes. Looks a good deal Vs something like a Milgauss for £1k extra or 8k for the same watch with a white gold bezel. Add £150 to move from oyster to jubilee.

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    My two penneth, for what its worth......

    I'd sell the Rolex cashing in on current inflated values, I quite like IWC but I would also sell the IWC Spitfire Chrono. Keep the GS as its a stunner & does the same job as the Sea Dweller only in my opinion looks better & probably a better time keeper.

    Then, to satisfy the need for a Chronograph (with date) I'd buy either an IWC Portugieser or preferably an IWC Portofino Chrono (although 42mm) they do come on a mesh. I would use that to kill two birds with one stone, your must have 'chrono' & the wanting for a dress watch.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

    Link to Portofino Chrono:

    Link to Portugieser: (I prefer them on leather but you are after a bracelet). Doh! just realized no date on that particular Portugieser so I'd stick with the Portofino :-)
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    Lovely set. Of the three, the Rolex is the most commonplace and least interesting, and is still close to its peak value with further descent looking likely for a while at least, so if it were me that one would go.

    I'd replace it with one of these, first three chosen for a splash of colour. Blue being eternally-popular, should mean they hold their desirability -

    Cartier Santos 40mm - just different in every way, classic, classy, dressy but still practical:

    Panerai 'Quaranta' blue dial - PAM01270. Sure, it's a diver, but a very dressy one, just needs a dark-blue rubber strap:

    JLC Polaris 41mm - another diver that's at home in the club, elegant and robust:

    LUC XPS - Real watchmaking, and a bit of an outlier, a white-dialled watch in a dark-dialled world - if you want a blue dial you have to forego the date; strictly Dress-only:

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    Always a difficult question to answer as you obviously like what you have.
    Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers.
    I guess the obvious answer is a bit of colour but if you are like me, you prefer white on black (it appears you do) as such colour does not do it for you.
    There is no gshock, but again if you are like me you would never wear it.
    So if it were me, I would sell the SD (the Seiko is a nicer looking watch in my opinion) and buy either a grey dial Seamaster or go vintage, maybe a vintage chrono with an unusual shaped case. - flightmaster, big blue etc.
    Or to be perfectly honest it’s a nice collection that I think most people would be happy to own. Why change it for the sake of it?
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    I would move the GS out as it’s too similar to the sea dweller .Replace it with a snowflake or other GS with a bit of colour.Then maybe add a Reverso?

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    It would be difficult to let any of those three go. Keep em all , get an omega speedmaster moon watch and enjoy a hand wound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlofsodbury View Post
    Lovely set. Of the three, the Rolex is the most commonplace and least interesting, and is still close to its peak value with further descent looking likely for a while at least, so if it were me that one would go.
    This is excellent advice in my opinion. The santos is particularly stunning

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    I would let the GS go, as nice as it is.

    Choosing a replacement is a bit tricky if you really don’t want a leather strap. I would be interested in something like a Dornblüth, as it is what is being built for me, but it really needs leather. Rolex Datejust is classy, but a bit conventional. The Cartier Santos is a really interesting Datejust alternative.


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    Honestly, you have 3 superb watches there, so would be a pity to let one go just for the sake of it.

    Maybe try and pick up something colourful and dressy at a lower price point, and see how you get on with it. One of those new Chris Wards springs to mind. Obviously loads of others too. Longines having a bit of a moment, might be worth a look

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    This is dressy and certainly a classic look.
    Great on the Oyster bracelet and equally so on a nato or leather.

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    Another vote for get rid of the GS diver and go for something from their heritage range, any of the movement types (9F, highbeat or spring drive) would seem to fit the sporty / dress bill perfectly.

    Or swap the SD for a datejust.

    Or either for an aqua-terra.

    Decision made!

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    Nice 3 watch collection but for me the GS would go.

    I would add a Globemaster in white or blue.

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    Definitely the GS or Rolex to go. If it needs to fund the replacement "dressier" watch, I'd sell the Rolex and buy a Glashutte Original Seventies on the bracelet.

    Take your pick of colour - Silver/Grey/Blue

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    Quote Originally Posted by notenoughwrists View Post
    In my heart I am a One Watch chap - but also fickle, impulsive and indecisive… so always chopping and changing my tastes.
    Me too LOL.

    I think the GS should go...

    ...But what to replace it with, hmm.

    That's a tough one.

    As others have said, something from their heritage line.

    Yeah, that's my 2 pennies worth.

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    GS and IWC out and a BLRO on jubilee in. Job done. Different bracelets, adds colour, adds GMT function., adds ceramic/modern.
    Now just to get a BLRO from an AD…..

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