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Thread: Advice requested from a newby to repairing

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    Advice requested from a newby to repairing

    Hi... I have always limited myself to changing straps and bracelets, batteries and even once a Seiko capacitor (that was a bit fraught but it turned out OK) but now I need to up the game a little.

    I have a Seiko 7002-7000 which is badly in need of a service but in truth that's beyond me and the cost of getting it serviced by even one of the guys here on the site is well in excess of the value of the watch, which in itself holds no sentimental value. I'm pretty sure I could change a completed movement (having seen umpteen youtubes on the subject) and would ask you guys if a Seiko NH35 or 36 movement would fit the case. I am not concerned about authenticity and if replacement hands and dial are needed that's OK because they are easily available for the Seiko movements and I have a Cousins account for anything I need. Alternatively can anyone suggest another movement that would simply drop in to my 7002 case?

    Grateful for any thoughts/suggestions.


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    You might be better seeking advice on a Seiko/Citizen forum, such as The Watch Site.
    I think the answer is that itís a fairly straightforward swap but the date wheel may be misaligned. Apparently this can be resolved by parting the front printed disc from the geared wheel and repositioning it. Good luck.

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