I enthusiastically wrote a review for my new Maen Skymaster but it failed to load on their website. Fortunately I had saved it.

Here goes, enjoy:

MAEN Skymaster 38 review

the Skymaster 38 is a little gem that feels very good on the wrist. It is very well proportioned and I appreciate it sitting low on the wrist, despite the lugs being almost straight but they are short and not obtrusive. The female end links on the bracelet are the perfect match. I can't wait to go back to wearing sleeves.
I opted for the sapphire, which looks like a vintage acrylic, much like on the tudor big blocks and feels terrific.
The braelet is a delight to wear, with all the links being loose which give it extra suppleness and the taper to 16mm makes it super wearable. I also appreciate the leather bracelet tapers to 16, classy, vintagy and very comfy.
The bracelet's clasp feel very Japanese: it only has one adjustment hole. Yeah. Fortunately I got a perfect fit removing a couple of links.
The sides of the bracelet are polished, despite the sides of the case and clasp being brushed, but this really gues unnoticed when the watch is on the wrist and it doesmake a continuation of the little polished bits of the lug top sides so it does rather fit with the looks. Keeps the sporty look without being over blingy. Super.
The rotating bezel has 120 clicks, it is grippy and operates well, the ceramic insert is sharp with its nice deep black, makes a nice contrast to the matt dial and is so thin that has an elegant presence and does not give too much of a tool look. It is also well aligned to the dial.
The chrono function operates nice and smoothly, if i have to brag, the seconds hand, once reset, is off by +1/5th of a second. Can I live with that? yes. I have had worse.
Funny things, blue AR coating on the transparent caseback is a first for me. Not sure if the front sapphire does have AR coating though...
The movement is nicely finished and I can see it has been regulated. Nothing too fancy but you can see that some extra care has been put, rather than simply sticking a raw movement inside.
The dial: just perfect. The chapter ring has fractional markings and minute numbers which I did not notice from the pictures, because of the distortion from the top hat chrystal, it's a nice technical touch and again, it is so little, it keeps the looks elegant and not over toolish.
Lume is discreet and functional, it does not glow like a torch but then agai it is not a torch, luminova goes well through the night and the 12 o' clok mark is rather distingishable, also thanks to the lume on the chrono seconds hand at rest. I have not slept with it enough to say if I can read the time in total darkness in the night so, for now, let me rate the lume a 7+.
The movement and the rotor are very quiet and not tingly. The crown is extremely silent when winding and totally silent when turning anti clockwise, feeling like it is free. Another first for me.
What else too say?
I love the 60's inspired styling, the size and proportions, the wearability. The design is very well put together and acquires its own personality.
It is certainly not a speedy knock off, more reminescent of a carrera or el primero. It certainly is timeless and sexy. Right on MAEN!
And oh, yes, it also tells the time.
(So far +half sec over 2 days)

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