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Thread: Some automotive classics

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    Some automotive classics

    I've recently put a car into auction, a world never visited by me before.

    There are some real classics including blasts from the past and also some from before I was even a twinkle in my parents eyes.

    Reminiscing re the Scirocco Storm

    As for this 1965 Merc 190 (which has been driven by Surtees and Moss) - how cool would this be (It's just I would need a garage to keep it in).

    Such variety, just fun browsing...

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    The Classic car world is where i mostly spend my time if you love cars its a fantastic place to spend time. I love to talk to owners about their love for the cars they own, some are quite interesting. I also love to browse a cars history file from way back, i have the history from mine back to 1976 so only missing the first two years. Mine has its own garage with matching floor.

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