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Thread: Blancpain query

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    Blancpain query

    I知 no watch expert but along with my GO and Grand Seiko Skyflake I知 considering the Fifty Fathoms Automatique As an easy to read watch with decent lume.
    The 2 year warranty doesn稚 inspire me though - is it a concern? Also I wonder regarding accuracy given its not a chronometer. Would either of these issues put you off? Cheers.

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    Time keeping should be fine. Isn’t there one of these in sc right now? Or similar

    Also virtually all watches were 2 years max until recently, only now it’s an outlier but not because of reliability tbh.

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    I'm also considering a Fifty Fathoms 5015 so will be interested to get some views from others. I tried some on at the Boutique a month ago and they are gorgeous. I can't say I'm impressed by a two year warranty when most of the major brands are at five years or more, although it is three years if purchased at the Boutique. At the boutique I tried the black steel and blue and black titanium, I'm not sure the blue steel version in the link is still available..... the Boutique said it wasn't, on Blancpain's website it is shown separately from the rest of them and no UK AD's seem to have it in stock...... I'm more than happy to be corrected. For me whilst the shorter warranty isn't great, it isn't a deal breaker.....

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    I have recently purchased the 50 fathoms, titanium with bracelet and no issues. The bracelet is a thing of beauty, comfortable but micro adjustment would be a nice bonus but not a deal breaker

    Timekeeping is about 1 minute over 2 weeks but much of that time is spent in its watch travel pouch whilst I知 working so not sure if that is a factor but no complaints overall. I知 also going to boutique in Bond Street next week to try a couple of the fabric straps along with the deployment which I知 hoping will enhance options for summer days :)

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    I have a barakuda which has had no bother at all and runs at about -2
    Bought it new 2021 from the bond St boutique which was a fluke as I thought theyd all sold out.

    Had a milspec which went through a few tz hands before me that needed a crown replacement as it stopped screwing down literally the day after i bought it when it was just a couple of months past warranty expiration.
    Went in for a full service and crown replacement and on the pre service advice sheet they said that all the oils in the movement had dried out.
    Was flawless once returned though and the customer service was good from boutique.

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    The Barakuda is the first BP to appeal, before that I couldn't understand what the fuss was about..
    "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."

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