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Thread: Ramsdens Jewellers

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    Ramsdens Jewellers

    Anyone have any experience purchasing a watch at Ramsdens?
    Iím hopefully looking at an Omega 8500 Aqua Terra this weekend and just want some assurances.
    Commís via email and phone have been good. Photos online are poor, but all looks genuine with the movement.
    I assume all stores are pawnbrokers, so anything to be aware of and any likelihood of negotiation on price?

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    Generally depends on the franchise owner - some will be watch savvy and some won't. I'd make alexaff my first call, he's a Ramsdens man and one of the forum Superstars.

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    Ramsdens is a relatively large pawnbroker in the north.

    I have purchased from them loads watches, through to gold coins and forex. They are legit and orders online are usually dispatched fairly quick.

    Discounts are possible. 10% was achievable on watches pre covid donít know if thatís still the case. Aqua terra is a popular watch but not exactly flying out.
    Will have been pawned or sold direct to them so l if itís missing a pictograms card or out box hammer that home as a reason for xyz price.
    Generally though they are one of the more reasonable pawnbrokers.

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    Had a good experience with them several years ago..smooth purchase. When something went wrong 5 months later, it was fixed promptly under warranty.

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    I bought my GS Snowflake last year which was listed on Ramdens' website and whilst the photos online were OK, I still had a few questions which were answered by the central watch department, plus they arranged a video and additional photos focusing on areas of interest from the branch that was holding the watch.

    Negotiated a fairly substantial discount from the price (which was rather optimistic, hence the bigger discount) in a friendly way.

    Other than the initial enquiry and final payment, I did everything over the phone and WhatsApp messages direct (for the extra photos et cetera) with Dan at Ramsdens. Watch was posted out, as described, and they were keen that if there was any issues they would sort it.

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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I had the impression that they are a sound outfit and itís good to get real world experience that corroborates that view.

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    I know a few of the directors and sit on our trade council with the main man, PK. Almost all stores are directly run now, with only a handful of historic franchisees remaining.

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    Used them a couple of years ago. Gave me a discount on top of the advertised price. Once paid the watch arrived the next day and was in condition I expected if not better.


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    North and South.
    Their fish and chips are awful...
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