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Thread: Tech advice needed - Logging on to the forum

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    Tech advice needed - Logging on to the forum

    Evening all,

    Bit of advice please.
    I'm having real problems logging into the forum. Eddie has been great with help resetting passwords but even now, I'm having trouble. I can log in easily on a windows machine, but put the same details in on my IPad or IPhone, and it doesn't recognise it. As I use these 99% of the time, you can imagine that it cuts down on my forum time!
    Any advice gratefully received.


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    Are you sure it is the password that is the problem, not the username?

    It could be related to differences in Apple and Windows keyboards, for example, @ and “ are in opposite locations.

    And obviously check that it isn’t a capitalisation error in the password - reveal it once it is typed in to ensure it’s right before you actually log in.

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    On iPad/iPhone if you view in private/incognito browser, can you log in?

    If so, you may have an old password saved.

    You could also clear all history.

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    Shouldn't have a problem. While I don't use my ipad on this site. I do use it on other sites and have no problems. My main computer is a PC

    Sometimes you might get an email from the site if you use an Apple and PC machine stating someone is logging in with an alternate computer, but if your name and password are correct. Shouldn't be a problem


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    You could try this:

    On either your iPad or iPhone, go to Settings -> Passwords

    Seach for "tz"

    - If you see multiple entries for, delete any that have the wrong username (if any) by selecting the entry and scrolling to "Delete Password"

    - For the one with the right username, select it and then hit "Edit". Enter the User Name and Password that you know to be correct. Hit "Done"

    If you use iCloud for everything, this info is stored in your "Keychain" and correcting it on any device will fix it for all your apple devices. If you don't use iCloud, or have turned it off for Keychain (you can check under Settings -> Your Name -> iCloud) you should repeat for the other devices.


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