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Thread: A Smiths Meet-Up

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    A Smiths Meet-Up

    Calling all fans of the vintage Smiths brand (the old, "Made In England" Cheltenham-based in-house manfacture): how about a "f2f"?

    Plans are afoot to have a drink on Tuesday May 31st at The Kings Head, Bishops Cleeve. That's very close to where these watches were made. It's also half term and close to the anniversary of Hillary's ascent to the summit.

    Bring your De Luxes, Imperials, Astrals, W10's and others.

    We could even do competitions: best timekeeper; nicest dial; best gold case in show; best strap-and-watch combo; coolest clock; etc. Like Crufts (ha ha).

    A few pints and some Smiths-related chat. Mainsprings and hairsprings (both made on-site, natch) in the Springtime sunshine. A sort of homecoming for the variety of timepieces that came out of there from 1944 - 1974: The CH1 and CH2 alumni revisiting their old alma mater.

    And this as a taster or forerunner to the Big One: next year is 70th anniversary of Smiths' greatest achievement on the wrist of a young Kiwi at the highest point on earth (29th of May).

    So: who's up for it?

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    I trust that you are having a great evening and Iím sorry that Iím unable to make it. Hope to catch up with the celebrations next year!
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