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Thread: Custom shower glass panel to extend alcove

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    Custom shower glass panel to extend alcove

    Hello, in our children's bathroom we have a small, 760mm square shower in an alcove, ie 3 tiled
    stud walls with a glass door. We'd like to replace it with a longer 760x900 or 1000 tray and enclosure. Can we use a custom glass panel fixed with wall clamps as an extension to the wall that the shower door will close against? How would the transition from tiled wall to glass panel work? On the hinge side the wall continues so nothing special needed. We do not want wet room style.

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    Yes, sounds similar to mine.
    I used a mirror finished U channel which I fixed to the wall.
    Measured the glass to fit next to the existing door and used a shower wipe to seal gap between the door and the glass.
    Clamps might be a bit more awkward to seal .

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    Thanks, good to know it has worked for you.

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