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Thread: WIP - Blue Fifty Five Fathoms Seiko 5 Mod

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    WIP - Blue Fifty Five Fathoms Seiko 5 Mod

    Four years ago, when the blue Sapphire bezel insert was released, I bought most of the parts to build a Fifty Five Fathoms Seiko 5 mod.

    However, for whatever reason, it's languished, unstarted for all that time, but with the arrival of an AliExpress blue 'Sailcloth' strap, I was spurred into action and have removed (read destroyed) the original bezel insert and am ready to start, as soon as the bezel insert adhesive strip arrives.

    I thought it might be fun or interesting to document the process and my success, or otherwise...

    Here are the parts...

    The bracelets were rubbish on SNZHs, so I originally intended to wear it on a rubber strap (which is currently fitted), but I'm going to try the sailcloth strap as they're more the look I'm after.

    My black one, which DickBrowne helped with :

    My previous go at a blue one, before the proper bezel insert was available :

    This was based on a world timer, which was purchased to get the better movement for the black one.

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