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Thread: Hiscox insurance

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    Hiscox insurance

    It’s that time of year when my renewal is up. Someone mentioned on another forum about Hiscox being a good company to deal with.

    Applied online, had to call them back as the quote wasn’t available for some reason. Thought it might be expensive, but I nearly fell of my chair when they came up with £3,600 for the year! My M&S renewal is a paltry £600 in comparison.

    Just had a quick read through their policy and it is VERY extensive, including ‘hole in one’ cover, £500/incident upto 6 times a year! I assume this is to cover the drinks bill at the 19th?!

    Looks like I’m back with Marks and Spencer, unless anyone has any other recommendations?

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    Not anymore Hiscox lost interest a few years ago, I find NFU to be the best

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    Yep Hiscox are a bit pricey, I pay about £800 a year including watch cover and I thought that was a lot! Your quote sounds through the roof to me though! It works well for me as they cover my musical instruments and you don't have to specify anything under £15k in value. They're very pleasant to deal with too.

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    We’re with NFU, no complaints, all claims handled quickly and easily.

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