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Thread: Apple watch ..please dont shoot me

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    Apple watch ..please dont shoot me

    ok, after some advice really, my daughter has health issues and it has been suggested by the specialist to get her an Apple watch with ECG to log and monitor her heart,so as to keep a record that can be called upon for reference when needed.My question is which models did this feature work on ,and is it any good?

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    A friend of mine purchased one for his mother for those very reasons. It also has a feature where it knows if you were to fall over and can alert someone.

    I believe its Apple Watch Series 6.

    Edit: it's actually a Series 5.
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    Perfectly legitimate question.
    Apple Watch series 4 and onwards
    Mainly good for detecting Atrial fibrillation and some other arrhythmias.

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    They might fly in the face of what we, as a group of watch lovers, call a watch but they are really useful bits of kit. I use one solely for tracking my rides and stats when out on my bike.

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    cheers,so 4/5/6/7 i presume battery life increases with model number

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    Being honest I have had every version from series one and still have to charge every day in the evening; unless I have been sat sedately.

    My wife gets approx 2 days at a push.

    I use mine as ref material for audio, heart records to show my doctor at annual health check up.

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    will need to check what software it needs,her phone is an XR

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    Apple watch ..please dont shoot me

    No need for any software unless you also want blood pressure, in which case I recommend SmartBP.

    (You do need the BP monitor as well in that case, the watch doesn’t take BP)
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    Series 6 just popped up on SC that might be of interest.

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    cheers everyone,just bought a brand new 6 40mm for her

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