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Thread: Seychelles-advice

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    Got the silver wedding anniversary coming up in April so looking at holiday destinations for a 7-8 day stay.
    The good lady seems to fancy Phuket(where our honeymoon was) but I feel that for a weeks holiday the flights are a bit long-Glasgow to Dubai then 61/2 hrs to Phuket
    Iím thinking a decent compromise would be the shorter flight from Dubai to the Seychelles which is about 3 1/2 hrs
    Just wondering if anyone has been and how they rate it. Whilst the idyllic islands are nice we also like it to be a bit lively at night and not everything locked up by 11 o clock so just to see if there is some life about the place.
    I would have liked to go back to Barbados but the prices over the Easter couple of weeks are very expensive there at the moment so has ruled that out.
    Any other suggestions welcome too
    Thanks in advance

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    I honeymooned there about 20 years ago for two weeks and although it was idyllic and beautiful, there wasnít much Ďnightlifeí. There are things to do, island hopping, scuba diving (if thatís your thing) and generally lazy around. In hindsight we should have done a safari and then flown to Seychelles for a week.

    Iím not sure Iíd return but it was lovely!

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    We stayed at the Kempinski for 10 days a few years ago as a change from Thailand.
    Its an "expensive" destination, at that time they were blaming the extortionate prices that they were charging on "Somali Pirates".
    The evening buffet in the hotel was £110 for two, drinks extra.
    We hired a small car and the daily rate was equivalent to what we were paying for a week in Tenerife. That could get us to local restaurants where filet of fish and salad for two cost £50!
    So, Khao Lak again for us.

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