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Thread: Gordonís 0%

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe narvey View Post
    Anybody know why alcohol free gin is only sold to over 18s ?

    Why an adult signature required for delivery, etc.
    Is it deemed to encourage drinking?

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    I tried it in my "dry January" nonsense on a night out and wasn't impressed. Also had a Becks Blue (awful - like stale fizzy water!) and an alcohol free Kopparberg cider which tasted exactly like the real stuff (sweet enough to make your teeth itch).

    As mentioned a few times the Ghost Ship is a cracker, I spent a new years eve on that stuff as the designated driver and it was perfect. Yes it's still .5% alcohol but you'd need to a drink a case of it to be over the drink-drive limit. I had 4 or 5 stubby cans and still felt like I'd got a bit of a buzz from it - placebo effect I suppose, especially carried away in a crowd of drinkers. The actual alcohol content would have been like having a half of shandy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paw3001 View Post
    Just donít see the point of 0% gin. You are basically adding flavoured sweetened water to your tonic! I see these as very much Emperorís new clothes and a bit of a swizz with their pricing!

    You can get the same effect through using either flavoured tonics or adding juniper flavourings to tonic as that is generally the biggest missing flavour after the alcohol and it is the tonic that gives the dryness to the GnT.

    You will save a fortune!
    With ya. Drink gin- or donít drink gin- these are the options

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    Quote Originally Posted by meridian View Post
    With ya. Drink gin- or donít drink gin- these are the options
    I think directly comparing it to alcohol is misleading though. It's never going to be the same but alcohol free drinks are improving.

    Think of it more as a step up from fizzy drinks. It's about avoiding ​all the negative affects of alcohol (weight gain, headaches / hangovers, insomnia, etc). I enjoy drinking a good alcohol free beer all day, drinking lemonade just wouldn't be the same.

    Yes I'd enjoy a few real beers even more but not later when I have a headache and can't sleep. And I certainly wouldn't enjoy looking at the scales and in the mirror after increasing my alcohol consumption for a few weeks.

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    Been working my way through the non*alcoholic beers, most are vile. Best so far by a long way is M&S Czech Lager 0.5%. Canít tell the difference if not thinking about it i.e goes well with a curry or strong flavoured crisps etc.

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    A known banqueting trick is to dip the rim of a glass in neat gin - the fill the glass with ice, slice & tonic.
    The mind is a powerful thing.

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    Spotted some bottles of it in our supermarket on Monday, 14 OR 15 euro from memory... Mrs P had added real Gin to the list, so I got her the brand she likes, cost about 8 euro!

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