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Thread: Tapatalk and Posting Pictures - Help Please

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    Tapatalk and Posting Pictures - Help Please

    Sorry in advance for starting another thread on posting pictures, but I can't find the answer. Feel free to point me in the thread direction if this had been answered.

    Using Tapatalk, for which I pay for VIP, I press the + symbol at the bottom of the reply to post a picture. However, I'm presented with a blank screen (see screenshot) and have to hit the menu button to move into "using system storage" to select a picture.

    This is frustrating, because I can only post one picture at a time, and also at the expense of a few extra clicks - I know, first world problem!

    I cannot find anywhere in the settings to change a default storage.

    Any ideas?

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    Sorry, can5 help at the mo, im not vip but normally I hit one icon but tapa wont even give me access today for some reason…

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