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Thread: Manual to auto?

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    Manual to auto?

    Quick question

    i have a manual wind watch but the movement is just an STP1-11M

    I believe this is basically a 2824 clone converted to a manual by having the rotor removed.

    assuming I can source a rotor is it easy to convert it back to an auto?

    any info would be appreciated

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    I can't comment on the specifics of that movement but are you sure you have the caseback clearance to attach a rotor?
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    Can`t say for certain but I would expect the STP 1-11M to be based on the ETA 2801, which could be described as a manual version of the 2824. If the OP provides a photo of the movement I can confirm this, the barrel bridge will be significantly different as will the ratchet wheel and crown wheel.

    However, even if the mainplate and barrel bridge is the same, the feasibility of modifying the movement is questionable. The barrel and mainspring would need to change and an auto-winding bridge plus all associated parts would need sourcing. If parts are available for these movements I`ll be surprised, and trying to fit ETA/Sellita parts may not work. Either way, the cost will start to ratchet up.

    Have to question why the OP really wants to do this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkerwek1958 View Post

    Have to question why the OP really wants to do this!
    Mostly laziness. I keep forgetting to wind it.

    Probably not worth the hassle but Iíll pop the back and take a pic

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