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Thread: Comprehensive review of the Smiths Monopusher PRS-57

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    Comprehensive review of the Smiths Monopusher PRS-57

    December 2021

    Review of the Timefactors PRS- 57 Monopusher Wristwatch

    I promised this review to Eddie Platts several weeks ago and failed to deliver it on time. Not something to be proud of during these Christmas Holidays. I apologise that am not Santa but my waistline seriously believes I am. My many preparations for a long anticipated Holiday cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2, my yearly custom save for last year’s virus cancellation, took up most of my time. This delay fortunately did give me a chance to observe the customer feedback and strap customization many have done, which influenced this review of the PRS-57 Monopusher wristwatch greatly.

    For those of you who have read my past written wanderings, you will recognize that I maintain a certain “peripheral theme” to coincide with the actual watch commentary. The vast majority of readers enjoy this, so I will continue the trend. I have sort of an “older Sean Connery cranky but generous viewpoint” on things which has occurred naturally over time. I must admit that the theme for this review has come to me as two distinct entities, seemingly unrelated, and possibly “North Polarizing” to some.

    The themes are “Santa Claus” and the “generational benefits of Military Service”. ….Yes, commit me to an institution with pretty nurses right now!

    The PRS-57 wristwatch will be heretofore called the “Monopusher” for this review and the redundancy of mentioning Timefactors repeatedly will be saved for my parting comments. The quotated word in the previous sentence does not refer to a solitary dealer of methamphetamine hiding in a desolate Sheffield alleyway at 2 AM, but rather a very interesting and esoteric take on a chronograph military wristwatch that Eddie has made in limited numbers for us to beg Santa for, rather than a piece of politically incorrect but still very necessary coal.

    Coming to us with a choice of dials; the black and crème colored Monopushers are very distinct from each other, yet are in a way sisters. The only other watch I can now think of which can illustrate such a marked and complete difference in appearance from just a simple dial and handset change would be the Rolex Explorer 2. Can you think of some others?

    This difference is a welcome treat as we are really given “two twin sisters”, one brunette and one blond, one of whom is reserved and the other much more flamboyant. A wonderful choice for the watch collector as well as the discerning dating man. Yes Santa, I have been fairly good, so please provide me with both the brunette and the blond! The dials have a very obvious sense of precision and accuracy, enhanced by their “syringe hands”. (Why have I just thought of that drug dealer again for some reason?) The handset itself on both dials is of Patek quality, and I know this will not be accepted by some, but I really mean it! I have been looking at watch handsets, since the age of 12, under magnification, for at least 48 years, and these have no imperfections and those on my PRS-57 exhibit perfect finishing. The legibility of the dials is enhanced by the inner anti -reflective coating on the flat crystal’s underside and clarity is so great it seems as if one can actually touch the hands!

    My feelings about watch crystal anti- reflective coatings simply put: Coating both the inside and outside of a watch crystal is stupid. Coating only the interior surface is genius. Many manufacturers continue to learn the hard way that most optical coatings, exposed as they are on a wristwatch exterior, are very friable and short lasting. Eddie does only the inside to great aesthetic effect on a totally flat and practically watchcase flush sapphire crystal. This is smart.

    It is now time for the Military theme to be mentioned and it is the result of the two different yet wonderful Monopusher dials.

    Look at each dial individually for at least an hour while on the wrist, and ultimately a very clear sense of no nonsense military precision and seriousness comes across, even from the more randy blond dialed sister. The slightly recessed subdials and text are so very well done. This sense of precision is many times a learned trait, a good thing. Growing up, many of our parents, friends, and relatives, at that time had extensive military service, some even serving in two major wars. Many served in peacetime due to mandatory conscription as well. Both men and women served in a variety of capacities. Few really mentioned their graphic war experience to we kids, but all seemed to mention the formative basic and specialized training they received and why it was important. This sense of training is ubiquitous amongst all currently serving as well, but surprisingly lacking today in those who have not.

    What could I possibly be talking about? I shall give a few simple examples: I learned lawn mower and power tool servicing, cleaning and maintenance from my father, who citing his military training, him having grown up without the need for these devices in an urban townhouse, and we now living in a bucolic suburban home. Blade sharpening, WD 40 use, blade disinfection, motor oiling, electric switch cleaning, where all learned things taught to my father by our Army and then disseminated to me. Those whose fathers were Navy veterans, often taught service learned painting and plumbing skills to their children and if they had family leisure boats, the seamanship, weather, and regulations knowledge imparted was dramatic. Food safety, cooking skills, transportation, and outdoor survival techniques made for great learning for all children who knew cooks and support members of the military. Knowledge concerning venereal disease, all other diseases, and cold weather hypothermia was priceless and fun to hear. Basic and complex first aid were yet another valuable skill learned. How to pack a bag with relevant kit for one’s purpose was yet another simple but vital skill. Air Force veterans, on family jet vacations discussing pre -flight machinations and aeronautics with their children, could not be silenced. What educations their children got! How to prevent bug and rodent infestation. How to keep the groups moral up. How to organize one’s garage or even how to simply dig a hole was another skill. How to deal with the death of one’s colleagues. All we children, boys and girls, got this valuable and free tutoring on the basics of any aspect of life, from our parents who served. It was very precise. It made life better. Like the Monopusher, it was a good thing.

    One good memorable 45 year old lesson:

    Once, long ago, on a family vacation traveling for two weeks throughout California in a large rental Chrysler sedan, my father told me the importance of a 360 degree vehicle inspection prior to driving it, each and every time, as taught to him in the Army. I though him a bit over concerned at the time, as I was about 15 years old and distracted looking in the opposite direction at the barely covered girls by the hotel pool! After a “quick reality shove” bringing me back to the inspection matter at hand, we together discovered a completely shredded tire with its’ belts all exposed, yet still inflated. A surely dangerous and shocking condition, which could have easily killed our entire family, as most drove at 85-95 MPH on California highways at that time in the mid 1970’s and auto safety features were rudimentary at best. He then enlisted my help changing the wheel & tire, another military based skill, knowledge of which has sadly completely disappeared today.

    The PRS- 57 reminds me of these discussions and it is clear it is a tool, not jewelry, for accurately timing anything, as timing was also a critical theme explained to we kids. The concept, so often overlooked today, of actually being on time for something. Our military serving tutors basically told us that being on time meant explicitly their living or dying. I can think of no greater reason for teaching the importance of punctuality, something else painfully lost in today’s society.

    A Monopusher means it just has one button! Have you ever heard of this?

    The importance of a timing device which can be operated with a single button cannot be overstated for military service, but what about Santa Claus? He needs it as well, because he must hold the reigns while his elves all clamber on and off of his sled and go down various chimneys with presents. It is common knowledge that the logistics of Christmas gift delivery have, for at least the last hundred years, demanded that Santa utilize many elves for this delivery, as they are more energetic and can easily fit down chimneys which Santa himself could barely navigate. Also, during this Covid sensitive virus time period, it is common knowledge that elves, leprechauns, and trolls (to a lesser extent), are cured of Covid by chimney ash and creosote. This virtually eliminates all disability claims, excess regulation, sick days, and health insurance premium increases which could easily cause corporate Amazon and UPS like difficulties for old Saint Nick, his wife, his accountant, and his LLC.

    Precision and timing when dealing with twin sisters

    With regard to delivery efficiency, Santa uses a PRS-57 to time, with one hand, the time it takes for one elf with gifts to traverse on down a regular sized chimney and return to his sled. Keeping up efficiency is critical on Christmas eve, and every second counts. The necessity for his use of the PRS -57 cannot be overstated. I am told that he wears both the black and crème colored Monopushers, one on each wrist depending on the position of the moon and the behaviour of the reindeer. Santa’s older reindeer also seem to want to stop more often than in the past to urinate, so they become very cantankerous if they are denied this accommodation, even for just a few minutes, whilst he searches for a home with an appropriately large swimming pool for then to relieve themselves in.

    The brains of these two sister wristwatches

    The movement of the Monopusher is the same lovely Sellita used by the few other much more expensive brands for their own one button versions. Not too many, just a few. An SW 510 MP is a fine, expensive movement with a great power reserve. Look up what it costs and you will be very surprised and impressed at Eddie’s generosity with regard to the PRS-57’s final price. Again, a real bargain even though it is at the higher end of his price spectrum. It surprises we all, including Eddie, by being a self - winding automatic as well. (It was supposed to be a manual winder) This was a very, very, happy positive horological accident which enhanced our Christmas joy! All of this goodness kept in an antimagnetic case, wonderful for all we old rockers who have large, separate, highly magnetized stereo speakers which we are sometimes near when we change our vinyl or CD’s. Not a concern for the earbud or laptop tiny speaker users who will never know the true bliss of high decibel, open air, three scotches, neighbor irritating Def Leppard, the Proclaimers, or the Clash.

    The outside case, ahh, the curves on these two twins!

    I have read some say that the case “is nice, but not as nice” as another much more costly British branded monopusher. This may be valid, and true, but it is subjective as the Monopusher is again, not jewelry. The PRS-57 Monopusher was designed to look like a Military issued watch, and its allure is in that regard only. It was not intended to be sold in the watch department of Selfridges, London!

    Many things throughout the ages of military based creation have almost accidentally become design icons, and maintain an enduring aesthetic through simplicity and economy of design and material usage. Less is much more when it comes to this topic. The Monopusher holds to this mantra, and that is why it is beautiful. Please think of the STEN gun. I disassembled one once and was amazed at its simple blowback and wartime resource conserving design, brilliant bolt construction, even to the lower firepower rate done on purpose to conserve ammunition. A lightweight, easy to clean and unjam, open bolt machine gun which became the basis for many other weapons across the globe in the post war years. This was a British design icon which helped win the war as much as the Spitfire, certainly another lovely example of what I have been talking about. The Jeep, the Abrams tank, the Alvis Stalwart and Saladin vehicles, the field coat, the B-One bomber, the B-2, the Thompson gun, the Vulcan, the M-4 rifle, the Blackhawk, the field can opener, the M-3 “grease gun”, all our submarines, are all design icons which waste not one sliver of materials or resources to do their purpose and protect our lives. And they look damn good in function, just like the Monopusher does.

    Just take a look at the lugs on these twins!

    Sorry, I could not contain my chauvinism so please don’t call human resources, but really do look at the case lugs of these two watches. They are svelte yet sturdy, brushed perfectly, and so indeed sexy in the way that the metal curves downward toward the wearer’s wrist. Look again at the rectilinear cutout for the single pusher button, so perfectly executed with no flaws whatsoever. The crown on these twins is screw in (no jokes please, or shall be removed from my couch by the pc police!) and water resistance is a deep 330 feet rating, great for this type of watch, and I routinely swim with mine on. This is a quality and simple looking robust precisely brushed and very well assembled watchcase which took a whole lot of effort to properly execute.
    Well done Eddie! Major Shepherd and Mr. Turpin would be proud!

    What holds these twins close to me?

    The straps Eddie has done for these two sisters are really special, and he provides two for each watch. Real care in buckle design and the use of both leather and canvas together provides real dividends for Monopusher owners who want a sort of safari or desert “Rat Patrol” feel. (as a kid, I loved Combat and Rat Patrol on TV) No nonsense, military canvas belt and strap look for each. Well sewn. Excellent buckles. Leather lined. Two colors. Bravo, but wait…

    Why then have so many done their own thing strapwise? My tardiness in review writing has given me time to examine the many Timefactors forum members who have shared their own Monopusher strap and watchband photos in the last few weeks. You know what? Quite a number are spectacular looking and the true love of Eddie’s customers for this watch is clear. The metal mesh strap one person placed on his PRS -57 was considered surprisingly superb my many. I agree. Another did a black leather strap with some off white stitching, another surprise “tasty look” for the black dialed brunette version! I myself have placed my crème dialed blond sister on Eddie’s high quality navy blue NATO, since blond stewardesses (or stewards) always seem to look good in blue, it sets up the blued handset nicely, and I absolutely love it as do many middle aged women who I encounter!
    It is nice to be faithful but remain tempted, as it makes one feel younger.
    Is their attraction to me or to my “Monopusher”?

    The packaging of the PRS-57, WOW.

    Eddie recently made lovely, expensive feeling and looking, watch travel cases for many of his recent big selling creations. I would have thought that was it, he could not better the experience with finer packaging. I was wrong yet again, as he has provided each Monopusher with a three watch section travel roll of super quality materials and such toughness. In a tasteful navy blue leatherette, logo embossed, and grey suede interior color scheme, this is a case which one could actually use to travel and feel confident in its “secure watch protection ability. Eddie is again, appreciative and generous to his customers. How lucky are we.

    Timefactors has historically given everyone from all walks of life the ability to have a nice Christmas gift, and in a way, through the affordability of many of his fine creations over the years, Eddie has become the wristwatch lover’s Santa, albeit with a luxury sleigh Range Rover or Jaguar and sadly no elves! While this particular creation has a higher price and more limited availability, it is really a special set of watches, so stay on Santa’s good list and save up, and you just might be able to get one for Christmas! Or New Years!

    Timefactors has created some very iconic and world famous watches over the years which all would make great gifts for any occasion, and while I have many myself, I have also given them as gifts to many appreciative people as well. I like doing this. They really make a person smile and cheer up, especially if they have experienced challenges. During this Holiday, still in the grips of our Covid crisis, we should all practice a bit of real humor, true generosity, and much kindness to all we encounter.

    Having known Eddie for a great many years, I am positive he would agree.

    I should also like to thank a very erudite, famous, and interesting past military service member and professor for her many years of teaching me, on four of my more prestigious cable channels, all kinds of neat and impressive stuff about politics, history, military tactics, great leaders, and weaponry. She is an absolutely great teacher and speaker!: Dr. Lynette Nusbacher, a true fan of Eddie Platts and his beloved Timefactors.

    So, this review comes to an end. It was full of inuendo and not so politically correct humor. Hopefully it was memorable and not too offensive for today’s social climate, but hey, I was tutored as a kid by the some of the best and bravest in our communities who would have been concerned with far more important things, like sacrificing their lives to keep us safe and secure from real threats, and allow us to have the luxury of our Holidays and even the comforting concept of Santa.

    Respectfully Submitted to Mr. Eddie Platts to do whatever he wishes with it.
    Merry Christmas 2021 Eddie! Happy New Year 2022 Eddie!

    Sincerely, Thomas Tagliani DDS
    Whole chunks of my life come under the heading "it seemed like a good idea at the time".

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    Will have to pour myself a drink and read this one tonight!

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    I’m on chapter 3. Quite promising so far

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    Somewhat different to other review styles, but nevertheless I quite enjoyed it.

    Lucky chap to have both the black and the cream Monopusher.

    Ignorance breeds Fear. Fear breeds Hatred. Hatred breeds Ignorance. Break the chain.

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    Why use 5 words when you can use 25.......... far too verbose for my taste, an irritating style that doesn’t appeal to me. I skimmed through it and got the overall gist.

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    Enjoyable, many thanks. I concur with your sentiments.

    This watch really has bowled me over. In all honesty I think I might have just bought my swansong in the PR-57. With Eddie's Carribbean, is there really any need for more?

    I've always wanted a monopusher and toyed with the idea of the Bremont but can't get past the HMAF on the dial. The Vertex looked fine, but expensive too...also I think I had to be voted into an exclusive club to buy or something. At the price Eddie's is a no brainer. I'm not after a fancy finished case etc (the originals didn't have them), just practicality, which the PR-57 has in abundance.

    Best watch I've bought in years. No doubts, buyers remorse, niggles...if only they had... It is just right.

    Thanks Eddie.

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    Conciseness was not one of those skills his father passed down. Nonetheless, an enjoyable long read.

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    Well done, Eddie.

    Reviews like these are something other companies have to pay for.

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    That is a very attractive watch. I can’t decide which dial colour I like the best. Both stunning and that lume is very lovely.

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    A truly beautiful watch, if only I had the funds. I would have to go for the black but it would be a hard choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowsfoot View Post
    A truly beautiful watch, if only I had the funds. I would have to go for the black but it would be a hard choice.

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    Wouldn’t you just flip it on eBay? ;-)

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